This disclaimer will help you make sure that the things you get from this diet are understood and easy for you to comprehend. The Three Week Diet will be known as the TWD for the rest of this document, and you can get a lot of good results from the diet. You just need to be sure that you have followed the diet carefully so that you can get the results that you want when you are trying to change your life. We cannot guarantee you that you will get the specific kinds of results that you wanted, and you will be happy to use this product because you have a chance to lose weight.

TWD is a big diet program that is not supposed to make you lose a specific amount of weight in a specific amount of time. You should be sure that you are going to follow the plan to its completion so that you can get the things that you want. You have to see if you have been following it step by step because some people do not want to follow the instructions. The instructions that you find in the book are going to be good for you, and you have to follow along with them.

You have to remember that this was also made for everyone, and you are all different. You cannot compare to other people because their lives and bodies are a lot different. You get to have a really nice time using this great diet, but you cannot get the same results that someone else got. We did not design this program to make you lose just as much weight as the next guy. We made this plan because we know that it will help you lose weight in your own time.

This is a lifestyle change that you have to take seriously, and the life change that you make will be very different from where you started. You will not remember what it was like when the three weeks started, and that is what you are really changing. You should expect a life change if you have the willingness to follow this book, but you should not plan out the exact weight you will lose thinking that you can actually get that result because of the plan.

You also must remember that we are one of the diet plans on the market that you must be careful with because we always want you to come to the doctor and talk to you. You want the doctor to be sure to show you how this will help you if you believe that you are at risk when you are losing weight. You also want to be sure that you have been given the things that you need, and you will be so much happier with your body because you have changed yourself in ways that are good for you.

We cannot be your doctor or offer any medical advice, and we waive all the liability for how you use the plan. We can only show you what to do in the plan, and we will be here to give you assistance. We cannot act as a medical professional, and we can only write the book and send it out to you. We believe that it is much easier for you to have the life that you want when you are using this plan, and we will show you what can be done to make your life as good as possible.

We must direct you to the instructions that we have created, but we cannot give you any guarantees. You have to know that you will be in a different place when you start using this plan. You have to stick with it carefully, and you have to be sure that you have figured out out this works for you before you begin.